Protect Your Serverless Environment with Confidence

Automate security checks and compliance monitoring for your serverless applications and environments

Why Protecting Serverless Matters?

Preventing Attack Vectors

It is daunting to navigate and protect new permissions and APIs unique to serverless functions.

Maintaining Agile Processes

Without security-embedded development, serverless batch reviews grow sluggish while deployments and iterations continue to run at speed.

Reducing Unnecessary Overhead

Without modern security solution to protect event-driven serverless functions, the need to deliver on-demand protection remains a big challenge.

How Your Serverless Stack Benefits from Cloudlytics

AWS Lambda Protection

Protect AWS Lambda Functions in runtime with an automated, performance-optimized solution.

Vulnerability Scanning

Ensure an updated, wider coverage of scanning malware and vulnerabilities to eliminate false positives.

CI/CD Integration

Shift-left security by scanning AWS Lambda functions during development and automate scanning by integrating security with Ci/CD tools.

Least Privilege Enforcement

Label permissions that are over-provisioned and monitor unused ones to prevent attackers from accessing sensitive resources.

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Our Customer Success Stories

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