Integrating AWS Event Source with S3 + SQS

Steps to configure AWS Event Source with S3 + SQS in Cloudlytics.

Log into your Cloudlytics account.

  1. Go to Create Stream AWS Page.

  1. Select the type of AWS Log to be configured with Cloudlytics.
  2. Select the Timezone according to your respective region.
  3. Select the Credential configured before.
  4. Select the option SQS from the Source type list.
    1. For the selected Log type, in Aws Account, ensure logs are enabled to be stored in s3 bucket.
    2. Select the S3 bucket, Under properties, select Events.
    3. Configure an SQS notification under Events.
    4. Under SQL permission select All SQS actions for cloudlytics account.
  5. Choose the AWS region in which SQS queue is present.

  1. Choose the SQS ARN available for that type of log by entering SQS name in source Url field.

  1. Save and Name the stream.

  1. Check for successful stream creation.

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