Event Analytics

Driving Actions That Matter for Your Cloud Security

Cloudlytics offers support to organizations and helps them accelerate their security improvement. Get complete visibility, response, detection and automation across your cloud environment. Cloudlytics enables to eliminate the challenges early through seamless integration of security best practices and throughout the lifecycle of applications. This single pane of glass solution will help you effectively monitor, maintain, and secure compliance on any cloud environment, including hybrid cloud and multi cloud.


  • Real time event ingestion
  • 25+ Predefined event parser
  • Predefined set of dashboards
  • Predefined set of alerts on critical events across the sources
  • Agentless ingestion for Cloud platforms
  • Easy integration
  • Design your own dashboard with the customized query
  • Create your on alerts
  • Send your alerts across wide range of communication channels

How We Do It

  • Cloudlytics helps you analyze user behavior across your cloud environment for identifying and preventing malicious activities.
  • You can monitor activities for anomalous behaviors continuously and implement top-notch protection for your cloud environment.
  • We enable you to secure containers and hosts all along the application lifecycle by implementing leading-edge protection for safeguarding your workloads and applications in real time.
  • Cloudlytics facilitates keeping track of every deployment process through automation and achieving robust compliance using governance policies across your cloud environment.


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