The Modern Enterprise Needs Cloud-Based Security. We Make it Easy for You to Build a Tough One.


Security is not solely an IT challenge and layered security is a feasible defense. It is evident that implementing an effective security strategy is more difficult than its ideation. All systems must be protected thoroughly for materializing the concept of true security.

Event Analysis

Cloudlytics facilitates the search for a needle in a haystack. It enables real-time monitoring and precise analysis of events across the sources for hints of anomalies.


  • Real time ingestion with secured listeners
  • Supports 25+ event types
  • Centralized visibility
  • Automated events discovery
  • Preconfigured dashboards with alerts on critical events
  • Query data and create visuals and alerts using our own query builder panel
Compliance in Cloud

Compliance in the Cloud

Cloudlytics is a simple tool for governing compliance in your cloud platform. It simplifies inherent complexities to ensure compliance of business operations with standards.


  • Continuous compliance checks
  • Widespread reach with 600+ checks across cloud platforms
  • Insights with remediation steps
  • Life cycle for known risks
  • Actionable reports in PDF and Excel format
  • Design your own compliances
  • Predefined compliance sets as per top regulators
  • Knowledge Base with Remediation Steps

Asset Monitoring

With Cloudlytics steering the wheel, track your inventory of assets along with risks and possible optimisations.


  • Continuous asset tracking
  • Predefined dashboards
  • Detect associated risks
  • Automated Best practice checks
Asset Monitoring


Cloudlytics sits at the top of cloud environments hosted on AWS. It provides our customers with a thorough, complete visibility & control of infrastructure data. Manage an elastic, consolidated, hyper-dynamic cloud environment on AWS with Cloudlytics.

Cloudlytics drives continuous security and compliance for your Azure cloud infrastructure via clear remediation and automated checks. As the compliance standards evolve, so must your security strategy. Realize complete visibility of your Azure cloud infrastructure and achieve continuous security assurance with Cloudlytics.

Cloudlytics supports IT infrastructure hosted on Google Cloud Platform with real-time monitoring and best practice checks to keep you secure. A single pane of glass that holds inventory and security is what you need to keep your Google cloud environment secure and compliant. Active monitor for security issues and easily manage inventory in your Google cloud environment with Cloudlytics.



Get Real-Time Security Updates

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Instant alerts through workflow integrations with Slack, AWS SNS, and Webhook.