Cloud Storage to Replace the Aging On-Prem Gear

Cloud storage is becoming an integral part of our lives, replacing the conventional ways of storing information. It is a bundle of hard drives and enables access to data as long as the business with a service provider is intact. This has created the urge to preserve the ability to read or convert outdated formats and maintain the continuity of access.

Although cloud storage is gradually replacing the on-prem, the dependency on flash drives and hard drives are here to stay for a while for most of the data storage requirements. Slow internet and limited storage are primary reasons behind this dependency. As the time required to download or upload data from the internet points at the discrepancy in the main motive of cloud storage – easy accessibility,  high-speed internet for faster access to data is the need of the hour.

To get a pulse on, cloud storage is the onus of IT professionals working for SMEs and international companies alike. It’s plausible that several companies are adopting the cloud to get rid of the complexities and costs associated with the equipment. The storage on cloud is poised to showcase a smooth take-off soon and the following are key reasons that are boosting its adoption among enterprises worldwide.

Growing Reliance on the Internet

The consumption rate of the internet has increased manifold in recent years and access to the internet is now available 24/7. The proliferation of the internet alludes to a promising future for cloud computing, and thereby cloud storage. The data storage practices are becoming more convenient, which range from sending files through WhatsApp to writing stories on cloud platforms such as Google Docs.

Aging On-Premises Gear

As the storage technology continues to advance at a breakneck pace, price performance and storage density numbers have seen a marked rise in the recent past. This will soon make the on-premises gear obsolete, before its complete depreciation. Several businesses latch onto underperforming storage platforms in the hope of leveraging their capital investments. However, application performance and business agility are impaired by outdated storage solutions. Cloud storage eliminates these issues and enables recouping capital outlays while keeping pace with innovation.

Security and Compliance

IT organizations worldwide face intricacy in ensuring compliance and data security abreast of evolving government regulations. Protecting confidential customer data from unauthorized access and disclosure is the need of the hour for several institutions and businesses. It is also important for organizations to preserve records of data for a long time. Cloud storage promises extreme data security, integrity, and durability, which in turn is significantly complementing its adoption.

Easy Accessibility

There are many cases where the documents prepared for projects cannot be accessed due to loss of flash drive. The roleplay of the cloud here is pleasing, as the documents are stored in the email that has been sent to the respective authority. With cloud storage, accessing data is a piece of cake and all one needs is the internet.

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Team Cloudlytics


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