Ensure that the API Endpoint type in API Gateway is set to Private and is not exposed to the public internet


API Gateway private endpoints are made possible via AWS PrivateLink interface VPC endpoints. Interface endpoints work by creating elastic network interfaces in subnets that you define inside your VPC. Those network interfaces then provide access to services running in other VPCs, or to AWS services such as API Gateway. When configuring your interface endpoints, you specify which service traffic should go through them. API Gateway as a fully managed service runs its infrastructure in its own VPCs. When you interface with API Gateway publicly accessible endpoints, it is done through public networks. When they are configured as private, the public networks are not made available to route your API. Instead, your API can only be accessed using the interface endpoints that you have configured.


1. Sign in to the API Gateway console and choose APIs in the primary navigation pane
2. Choose the settings (gear icon) of an API under + Create API
3. Change the Endpoint Type option under Endpoint Configuration from Edge Optimized to Regional or from Regional to Edge Optimized
4. Choose Save to start the update
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