Ensure CloudFront is in Use


Ensure that AWS CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN) service is used within your AWS account to secure and accelerate the delivery of your websites, media files or static resources (e.g., CSS files, JavaScript files, images) handled by your web applications.


1.Navigate to Cloudfront dashboard at

2.In the left navigation panel, click Distributions.

3.On Amazon CloudFront Getting Started page, click Create Distribution.

4.On Select a delivery method for your content page, under Web section, click Get Started to initiate the web distribution setup process.

5.On Create distribution page, perform the following actions:

  1. For the Origin Settings configuration category, provide the following information:
    • In the Origin Domain Name box, enter the DNS domain name for your web content origin. The origin can be an S3 bucket, a web server instance (e.g., a custom domain name or an AWS Elastic Load Balancer. As example, this rule will use a custom domain name or the Origin Domain Name configuration parameter.
    • (Optional) To request your web content from a directory available at your origin web server instance, enter the directory path in the Origin Path box. CloudFront will append the provided directory path to the value entered in the Origin Domain Name box, &nbsp







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