Ensure number of instances are not close to the Account Instance Limit


Checks if the number of EC2 instances in your AWS account has reached the threshold established by your organization for the workload deployed. Monitoring and setting limits for the maximum number of EC2 instances provisioned in your AWS account will help you to manage better your compute power and prevent unexpected charges on your AWS bill in case of auto-scaling misconfiguration or large DDOS attacks.


1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console.

2. Navigate to AWS Support Center from the top menu.

3. On the Create Case support page, perform the following:

  1. Select Service Limit Increase.
  2. Choose EC2 Instances from the Limit Type dropdown list.
  3. In the Request section, perform the following actions:
    • Select the AWS region where the EC2 limit is required from the Region dropdown list.
    • Select the appropriate EC2 instance type from the Primary Instance Type dropdown list.
    • Select Instance Limit from the Limit dropdown list.
    • In the New limit value box, enter the limit value to request for the selected instance type.
  4. To limit the number of EC2 instances for other instance types, click the Add another request button to add as many requests as needed and repeat step c.
  5. In the Use Case Description textbox, enter a small description where you explain the limit request so AWS support can evaluate your case.
  6. Under Contact method, select a preferred contact method that AWS support team can use to respond to your request.
  7. Click Submit to send the limit request to AWS. A customer support representative will contact you shortly.







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