Ensure number of security groups found in each region are acceptable (!50)


Checks if there is a large number of EC2 security groups available within each AWS regions. Using a large number of EC2 security groups can increase opportunities for malicious activity as creating and managing multiple security groups can increase the risk of accidentally allowing unrestricted access.


1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console.

< 2. Navigate to EC2 dashboard.

< 3. In the navigation panel, under NETWORK & SECURITY section, choose Security Groups.

< 4. Select the unnecessary security group that you want to remove.

< 5. Click the Actions dropdown button from the dashboard top menu and select Delete Security Group.

< 6. In the Delete Security Group dialog box, review the security group details (ID and name) and click Yes, Delete to confirm the action.


Note: The threshold for the maximum number of security groups recommended is 50 and minimum number of security groups is 5.







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