Ensure all EC2 Instance are of the latest Generation


Ensure that all servers available in your AWS account are using the latest generation of EC2 instances to get the best performance with lower costs.


1. Login to the AWS Management Console.

2. Go to EC2 dashboard.

3. In the navigation panel, under Instances section, click Instances.

4. Select the EC2 instance that you need to upgrade.

5. Click Actions button from the dashboard top menu, select Instance State, then select Stop.

6. In the Stop Instances dialog box, review the action details and click Yes, Stop to stop the instance.

7. Click Actions button from the dashboard top menu, select Instance Settings, then select Change Instance Type (this action is disabled if the selected instance is not currently stopped).

8. In the Change Instance Type dialog box, perform the following:

  1. From the Instance Type dropdown list, select the latest instance type (consult Remediation/Resolution table). If the equivalent instance type is not available in the dropdown list, then its type is not compatible with your instance current configuration because of the virtualization type incompatibility (PV or HVM) or the virtual network where your instance was launched (VPC or EC2-Classic).
  2. (Optional) Select EBS-optimized to enable EBS optimization or deselect EBS-optimized to disable EBS optimization. This feature provides dedicated throughput to your AWS EBS volumes for best I/O performance (additional charges apply).
  3. Click Apply to upgrade the instance.








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