Ensure EC2 AMI are not Too Old


Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) should not be older than 180 days in order to ensure their reliability and to meet security requirements.


1. Log in to the AWS Management Console.

2. Navigate to EC2 dashboard.

3. In the left navigation panel, under IMAGES section, choose AMIs.

4. Select the old image that you want to recreate.

5. Click Launch button from the EC2 dashboard top menu.

6. On Choose an Instance Type page, select the appropriate EC2 instance type, then click Next: Configure Instance Details button.

7. On Configure Instance Details page, configure any options available, based on your application requirements. Click Next: Add Storage and go through the next pages until you reach the Review and Launch page, without changing any configuration settings.

8. On Review Instance Launch page, review your EC2 instance configuration details, then click Launch.

9. In the Select an existing key pair or create a new key pair dialog box, select Choose an existing key pair and use the key pair associated with the AMI that you want to recreate. Check I acknowledge that I have access to the selected private key file option then click Launch Instances.

10. Click View Instances to return to the Instances page.

11. Now that the instance is ready, it’s time to create the new (updated) AMI. Choose Instances from the navigation panel and select the newly created EC2 instance.

12. Click the Actions dropdown button from the dashboard top menu, select Image and click Create Image.

13. Inside Create Image dialog box, perform the following:

  1. Enter a name for the new AMI in the Image Name box.
  2. In the Image description box, provide a description of the software stack installed, the purpose of the image and the version.
  3. Leave No reboot option unchecked so the AWS can guarantee the file system integrity for the new image.
  4. If required, update the image volume size and/or type inside the Instance Volumes section.

14. Click Create Image to submit the request to create the image. Click Close to return to the EC2 dashboard.Once the process is complete the AMI status should change from pending to available.







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