Ensure Auto Scaling group does not have suspended processes


Ensure there are no Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs) with suspended processes, provisioned in your AWS account, in order to avoid disrupting the auto scaling workflow. AWS ASG service enables you to suspend one or more of the processes (Launch, Terminate, HealthCheck, etc) in your Auto Scaling Group. This feature can be extremely useful when you need to investigate a configuration problem or other issues with your web application, then resolve the issue found without triggering the auto scaling process. For example, if your Auto Scaling Group fails repeatedly to launch new EC2 instances, you can suspend the Launch” process to stop launching new instances until you fix the issue. Any suspended ASG processes detected will be highlighted on the Cloud Conformity dashboard. Cloud Conformity strongly recommends that you resume the suspended processes within your AWS ASGs as soon as the remediation process is completed.


Using AWS Console

1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console.

2. Navigate to EC2 dashboard at

3. In the left navigation panel under AUTO SCALING section







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