Ensure Auto Scaling group have scaling cooldown configured


Auto Scaling group must have scaling cooldown configured, cooldown period is to prevent your Auto Scaling group from launching or terminating additional instances before the effects of previous activities are visible.After your Auto Scaling group launches or terminates instances, it waits for a cooldown period to end before any further scaling activities initiated by simple scaling policies can start. You should not set the cooldown to be less than one minute.

Note 1:Cooldown periods are not supported by step scaling or scheduled scaling policies.
Note 2:The “Default Cooldown” value is set to 300 seconds, however, you can change the default threshold for this rule on Cloud Conformity console and set your own value for the cooldown period based on your requirements.

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Using AWS Console

1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console.

2. Navigate to EC2 dashboard at

3. In the navigation panel, under AUTO SCALING section, choose Auto Scaling Groups.

4. Select the AWS ASG that you want to reconfigure.

5. Select the Details tab from the dashboard bottom panel and click the Edit button to edit the selected group configuration.

6. Enter the desired value for your ASG cooldown period in the Default Cooldown box then click the Save button to apply the configuration changes.

7. Repeat steps no. 4 – 6 to reconfigure other AWS Auto Scaling Groups available in the current region and implement your custom cooldown period.

8. Change the AWS region from the navigation bar and repeat the remediation process for other regions.


1. Run update-auto-scaling-group command (OSX/Linux/UNIX) using the name of the AWS ASG that you want to reconfigure as identifier to set the required value (in seconds) for the default cooldown period (the command does not produce an output):

aws autoscaling update-auto-scaling-group
 	--region us-east-1
 	--auto-scaling-group-name ASGName
 	--default-cooldown cooldown_time_in_seconds_greater_than_60

2.Repeat step no. 1 to update the cooldown period value for other AWS Auto Scaling Groups provisioned in the current region.

3.Change the AWS region by updating the –region command parameter value and repeat step no. 1 and 2 perform the entire process for other regions.







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