Ensure there shouldn't be any High level findings in Inspector Scans


Amazon Inspector enables you to analyze the behavior of your AWS resources and helps you to identify potential security issues. Using Amazon Inspector, you can define a collection of AWS resources that you want to include in an assessment target. You can then create an assessment template and launch a security assessment run of this target.


Perform the following to solve any Amazon Inspector Findings discovered for your EC2 resources provisioned within your AWS account:

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console.
  2. Navigate to Amazon Inspector dashboard at
  3. In the navigation panel, under Dashboard section, choose Findings. If no potential security issues were found during your assessment runs, the Inspector Findings list will be empty, otherwise the Findings dashboard will list all the issues found based on their severity.
  4. Select the Inspector finding that you want to examine and click the Show/Hide Details button to expand the finding details panel.
  5. Analyze the selected AWS Inspector Findings entry by checking the following attributes:
    1. Finding &ndash







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