Ensure RDS is not using the default master username


Amazon RDS production databases should not use ‘awsuser’ as master username, regardless of the RDS database engine type used, instead a unique alphanumeric string must be defined as the login ID for the master user.


1. Login to the AWS Management Console.

2. Navigate to EC2 dashboard.

3. In the navigation panel, under RDS Dashboard, click Instances.

4. Select the RDS database instance that you want to reconfigure (see Audit section part I to identify the right resource).

5. Click Instance Actions button from the dashboard top menu and select Take Snapshot.

6. On the Take DB Snapshot page, enter a name for the instance snapshot in the Snapshot Name field and click Take Snapshot (the backup process may take few minutes and depends on your RDS instance storage size).

7. In the left navigation panel, click Instances.

8. Click the Launch DB Instance button to relaunch the database instance with a new username.

9. On the Select Engine page, choose the required database engine type then click Select.

10. On the Specify DB Details page, in the Master Usernamebox, type a unique alphanumeric string for your database master username. Configure the rest of the options available on the page to match your current database instance.

11. Click Next Step to continue the setup process.

12. On Configure Advanced Settings page, set the database name and all other options based on your existing database configuration.

13. Click Launch DB Instance to launch the new database instance.

14. As soon as the provisioning process for the new instance is completed (its status becomes available), migrate the data to the newly created database and update your application configuration file to refer to the endpoint of the new (secured) database instance. Once the data is successfully moved and the endpoint URL is changed at your application level, you can remove the old instance.







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