Ensure there is RDS Sufficient Backup Retention Period


Ensure that your RDS database instances have set a minimum backup retention period in order to achieve the compliance requirements.


1. Login to the AWS Management Console.

2. Navigate to RDS dashboard.

3. In the navigation panel, under RDS Dashboard, click DB Instances.

4. Click on the RDS instance that you want to examine.

5. Click on the Modify button on the top menu.

6. On the Modify DB Instance: <instance identifier> page, under Backup section, select a number between 7 and 35 from the Backup Retention Period dropdown list.

7. Click on the Continue button.

8. In the Scheduling of modifications sections choose Apply Immediately to apply the changes immediately.
(!) IMPORTANT: when you change the retention period from 0 to a non-zero value an immediate outage will occur. If the selected database instance is used in production consider leaving Apply Immediately option disabled in order to avoid any RDS downtime. If Apply Immediately is not selected, the feature will be enabled during the next maintenance window.

9. Click Modify DB instance.

10. Once the configuration changes are applied, the Automated Backups retention period should change to the specified value.







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