Ensure Deferred Maintenance is enabled for redshift


Deferred maintenance should be enabled for all the AWS Redshift clusters in order to keep your data warehouse running without interruption during critical business periods.Amazon Redshift service gives you the option to defer maintenance for your clusters by up to 14 days.


1. Sign in to AWS Management Console.

2. Navigate to Redshift dashboard.

3. In the left navigation panel, under Redshift Dashboard, click Clusters.

4. Choose the AWS Redshift cluster that you want to modify then click on its name (link) listed in the Cluster column.

5. On the selected cluster Configuration tab, click the Cluster dropdown button from the dashboard top menu and select Modify.

6. Inside the Modify cluster dialog box, select the Maintenance settings tab and within Maintenance window settings section, perform the following actions:

  1. Select Defer maintenance checkbox to enable the feature and show its configuration panel.
  2. Use From and To datepicker forms to set the start and the end of the time period when you don’t want maintenance actions performed.
  3. Once the preferred deferred maintenance window is configured, click Modify to apply the configuration changes.







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