Ensure Redshift Parameter Group Require SSL


All the parameter groups associated with your Amazon Redshift clusters should have the require_ssl parameter enabled in order to keep your data secure in transit by encrypting the connection between the clients (applications) and your warehouse clusters.


1. Login to the AWS Management Console.

2. Navigate to Redshift dashboard.

3. In the left navigation panel, under Redshift Dashboard, click Parameter Groups.

4. Select the non-default Redshift parameter group that you want to modify then click on the Edit Parameters button from the dashboard top menu.

5. On the parameter group configuration page select the Parameters tab.

6. Identify the require_ssl parameter and change its current value from false to true in order to enable SSL for the associated cluster.

7. Click Save Changes to apply the changes to the selected parameter group.

8. To take effect immediately, the Amazon Redshift cluster associated with the selected parameter group must be rebooted. To reboot a cluster, perform the following actions:

  1. In the navigation panel, under Redshift Dashboard, click Clusters.
  2. Choose the cluster that you want to reboot then click on its identifier link available in the Cluster column.
  3. On the configuration page, click the Cluster dropdown button from the dashboard top menu and select Reboot.
  4. Within Reboot Cluster dialog box, click Continue to reboot the selected AWS Redshift cluster. The cluster status should change now to rebooting.
    IMPORTANT: The reboot process can take several minutes. During this time your Redshift cluster becomes unavailable.







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