Ensure all data in Amazon S3 has been discovered, classified and secured when required.


Amazon S3 buckets can contain sensitive data, that for security purposes should be discovered, monitored, classified and protected. Macie along with other 3rd party tools can automatically provide an inventory of Amazon S3 buckets.


Perform the steps below to enable and configure Amazon Macie From Console:
1. Log on to the Macie console at
2. Click Get started.
3. Click Enable Macie.
Setup a repository for sensitive data discovery results
1. In the Left pane, under Settings, click Discovery results.
2. Make sure Create bucket is selected.
3. Create a bucket, enter a name for the bucket. The name must be unique across all S3 buckets. In addition, the name must start with a lowercase letter or a number.
4. Click on Advanced.
5. Block all public access, make sure Yes is selected.
6. KMS encryption, specify the AWS KMS key that you want to use to encrypt the results. The key must be a symmetric, customer master key (CMK) that’s in the same Region as the S3 bucket.
7. Click on Save
Create a job to discover sensitive data
1. In the left pane, click S3 buckets. Macie displays a list of all the S3 buckets for your account.
2. Select the check box for each bucket that you want Macie to analyze as part of the job
3. Click Create job.
4. Click Quick create.
5. For the Name and description step, enter a name and, optionally, a description of the job.
6. Then click Next.
7. For the Review and create step, click Submit.
Review your findings
1. In the left pane, click Findings.
2. To view the details of a specific finding, choose any field other than the check box for the finding.
If you are using a 3rd Party tool to manage and protect your s3 data, follow the Vendor documentation for implementing and configuring that tool.










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