Ensure appropriate subscribers to each SNS topic


AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a web service that can publish messages from an application and immediately deliver them to subscribers or other applications. Subscribers are clients interested in receiving notifications from topics of interest; they can subscribe to a topic or be subscribed by the topic owner. When publishers have information or updates to notify their subscribers about, they can publish a message to the topic – which immediately triggers Amazon SNS to deliver the message to all applicable subscribers. It is recommended that the list of subscribers to given topics be periodically reviewed for appropriateness.


From Portal:
Perform the following steps to verify if there is any inappropriate SNS subscribers available within your AWS account:
1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console.
2. Navigate to SNS dashboard at
3. In the left navigation panel, under SNS Dashboard, select Subscriptions.
4. Choose the SNS subscription that you want to examine.
5. Evaluate the topic Amazon Resource Name (ARN), available in the Topic ARN column and the endpoint assigned to the subscription, available within Endpoint column, to determine if the subscriber is appropriate and can access/receive the data published to the assigned topic.
6. If the subscriber is evaluated as unwanted, the selected AWS SNS subscription is not appropriate and can be safely removed from your account

Perform the following steps to remove any inappropriate SNS subscribers:
1. Navigate to SNS dashboard at
2. In the navigation panel, under SNS Dashboard, click Subscriptions.
3. Select the SNS topic subscription that you want to remove.
4. Click the Delete button to remove the selected SNS subscription.

From Command Line:
Run following command to remove the inappropriate AWS SNS subscription from your account.
aws sns unsubscribe –region AWS_REGION –subscription-arn SUBSCRIPTION_ARN
Note: use the ARN of the inappropriate subscription that you want to delete.








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