Maintain current contact details


Ensure contact email and telephone details for AWS accounts are current and map to more than one individual in your organisation. An AWS account supports a number of contact details, and AWS will use these to contact the account owner if activity judged to be in breach of Acceptable Use Policy or indicative of likely security compromise is observed by the AWS Abuse team. Contact details should not be for a single individual, as circumstances may arise where that individual is unavailable. Email contact details should point to a mail alias which forwards email to multiple individuals within the organisation; where feasible, phone contact details should point to a PABX hunt group or other call-forwarding system.


This activity can only be performed via the AWS Console, with a user who has permission to read and write Billing information (aws-portal:*Billing ).
1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Billing and Cost Management console at

2. On the navigation bar, choose your account name, and then choose My Account.

3. On the Account Settings page, next to Account Settings, choose Edit.

4. Next to the field that you need to update, choose Edit.

5. After you have entered your changes, choose Save changes.

6. After you have made your changes, choose Done.

7. To edit your contact information, under Contact Information, choose Edit.

8. For the fields that you want to change, type your updated information, and then choose Update.









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