Ensure there is atleast one IAM user present


Access to your AWS services and resources should be made only through individual IAM users and not from the root account.


1. Login in to the AWS Management Console.

2. Go to IAM dashboard.

3. In the left navigation panel, choose Users.

4. On the Users page, click Create New Users button set up the new IAM user.

5. On the Create User page, under Enter User Names, enter the name for your user. You can create multiple IAM users at once if necessary.

6. Make sure that the Generate an access key for each user checkbox is selected if you need access keys for your user so that AWS can generate the key pair for you.

7. Click Create to create the IAM user.

8. Click Download Credentials to save the file with your user access key (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key) to a secure location on your machine. Once the file is downloaded, click the Close link to return to the Users page.

9. Click on the newly created IAM user name to access its configuration page.

10. Select the Permissions tab and click the Attach Policy button to define the user access permissions.

11. On the Attach Policy page, select the AdministratorAccess managed policy and click Attach Policy. The selected policy will provide the IAM user full admin privileges in order to replace the use of the root account.

12. Select the Security Credentials tab to set up a password for the IAM user, required to access the account via AWS Management Console.

13. Under Sign-In Credentials section, click the Manage Password button to assign a new password.

14. On the Manage Password page, select one of the following options to create the user password:

  1. Select Assign an auto-generated password if you want AWS IAM to generate automatically a new password for you.
  2. Select Assign a custom password to provide your own custom password.








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