Ensure Lambda Runtime Environment Version is latest


Ensure that you always use the latest version of the execution environment for your Amazon Lambda functions in order to adhere to AWS best practices and receive the newest software features, get the latest security patches and bug fixes, and benefit from better performance and reliability.


1. Login to the AWS Management Console.

2. Navigate to Lambda dashboard.

3. In the navigation panel, under AWS Lambda section, choose Functions.

4. Choose the Lambda function that you want to reconfigure then click on the function name.

5. Select the Configuration tab to open the settings panel for the selected function.

6. Select the latest version of the execution environment used by the selected Lambda function from the Runtimedropdown list.

7. Click Save and Test button from the dashboard top menu to apply the configuration changes.

8. Predefined Security Policy:
Within Input test event dialog box, inside the text editor, enter an event to test your function with or select a predefined event template from the Sample event template dropdown list to test the selected function. After the test event is defined and reviewed click Save and test button to upgrade the function runtime environment and initiate the testing process. Once the testing is complete, the execution result of your function will be listed on the console.







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