Ensure Secret Rotation Interval is properly configured


The rotation interval for your AWS Secrets Manager secrets should be configured to meet security and compliance requirements.Amazon Secrets Manager rotation feature represents the automatic process that will periodically change your secrets information to make it more difficult for attackers to access the services and resources secured with these secrets.


1. Sign in to AWS Management Console.

2. Navigate to AWS Secrets Manager service dashboard.

3. In the navigation panel, select Secrets.

4. Choose the secret that you want to reconfigure, then click on its name (link) to access the resource details.

5. On the selected secret configuration page, within Rotation configuration section, click Edit rotation to edit the rotation feature configuration.

6. Inside Edit rotation configuration dialog box, choose Enable Automatic Rotation and the Select rotation interval dropdown list or select custom and add the required no. of days. Click Save to apply the changes. Once enabled, the Secrets Manager console should display the following confirmation message: Your secret &lt


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