Recommendation: Check if AWS Trusted Advisor is enabled


AWS Trusted Advisor is an application that draws upon best practices learned from AWS’s aggregated operational history of serving hundreds of thousands of AWS customers. Trusted Advisor inspects your AWS environment and makes recommendations for saving money, improving system performance, or closing security gaps.

Trusted Advisor includes an ever-expanding list of checks in the following four categories:

  • Cost Optimization – Recommendations that can potentially save you money by highlighting unused resources and opportunities to reduce your bill.
  • Security – Identification of security settings that could make your AWS solution less secure.
  • Fault Tolerance – Recommendations that help increase the resiliency of your AWS solution by highlighting redundancy shortfalls


Perform the following to check if AWS Trusted Advisor is enabled:

  1. Go to Amazon Trusted Advisor console at
  2. Click on enable trusted advisor button
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Trusted Advisor





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