Ensure that Redis is updated regularly with security and operational updates.Note this feature is only available to Premium tier Redis Caches.


Enable Azure Redis Cache scheduled updates. This allows security (or operational) updates to be applied, with minimal effect to a running Redis Cache.The default maintenance window for updates is five hours.Note: this feature refers to the Redis Cache server updates and not Azure updates or updates to the operating system of the VMs that host the cache.


Azure Console:

1. Go to Redis Cache.

2. For each Redis Cache.

3. Select Schedule updates.

4. To specify a maintenance window, check the desired days and specify the maintenance window start hour for each day. Note that the maintenance window time is in UTC.

5. Click OK.

Default Value: No schedules set.The default maintenance window for updates is five hours. This value is not configurable from the Azure portal, but you can configure it in PowerShell using the Maintenance Window parameter of the New-AzureRmRedisCacheScheduleEntry cmdlet.References:


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