Ensure entire Azure infrastructure doesn't have access to Azure SQL Server


Azure connections must be enabled to allow applications from Azure to connect to your Azure SQL server. When an application from Azure attempts to connect to your database server, the firewall verifies that Azure connections are allowed. A firewall setting with starting and ending address equal to allows these connections. This option configures the firewall to allow all connections from Azure including connections from the subscriptions of other customers. Make to use Firewall VNet rules.


Perform the following in the Azure Console:

  1. Go to SQL Servers
  2. For each SQL Server
  3. Select Firewalls and virtual networks
  4. Set the ‘Allow access to Azure services’ to OFF
  5. Press the Add existing virtual network or the Create new virtual network to allow access from

Default Values:
By default, the Allow access to Azure services is set to ON and no VNET rules are set


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