The Harmony of the Cloud and DevOps

DevOps continues to make inroads in the technology space, translating software teams to supercharged IT powerhouses. DevOps is now a popular means to encourage teams in better leveraging their skill sets and time for faster building, testing, and deployment of software. The main objective of DevOps is leveraging multi-faceted teams of operations professionals and developers to ensure things get done right with zero errors the first time itself.

The role of the cloud in DevOps is likened to support, enabling collaboration without the downtime of data transition. Cloud computing renders each step of DevOps implementation simple, empowering the development lifecycle. Provided with virtualization and kernels, applications can be developed and tested on a variety of environments through clouds. This further eliminates the requirement for physical machine tests, enhances time savings, and reduces cost in light of its on-demand nature.

Cloud and DevOps – The ‘Go Together’ Relationship

Using DevOps QA teams and developers can work well with the operations team that employs a cloud platform. It also enables developers to set up new environments faster without any help from the IT team. Meanwhile, operations of the infrastructure can be investigated by IT operations, in turn enabling dynamics and security. Cloud computing is the common media here that connects two different teams.

The purpose of the cloud and DevOps is quite similar – providing speed, automation, and agility to businesses. While DevOps stresses on continuous practices of operations along with automation, the cloud is the enabler of automated delivery of computing resources, usage-based cost, and upstream & downstream scalability. Together, the cloud and DevOps solve automation problems for companies.

DevOps holds the potential to drive a dramatic shift through a centralized platform for testing, deployment, automation, and moving applications to production in organizations using cloud platforms. The combination of the cloud and DevOps brings better application performance, continuous feedback loops, and faster deliveries if the key best practices are thoroughly followed, namely, cloud security, automated performance engineering, using the platform-agnostic DevOps tools, and achieving skills in CloudOps.

Securing the Cloud for DevOps

As the cloud grows in popularity and prevalence, more organizations are vying for incorporating the technology while the prices go down as options increase. At present, there are diverse options and making a move to the cloud entails the need for due diligence. Planning is considered as an important factor in the adoption of new technology into your enterprise, and the cloud is no exception.

Another aspect to be considered while migrating your applications and infrastructure to the cloud is ensuring the understanding of the requirements of the organization. Driving adoption of the cloud and DevOps is facilitated when team members can make changes by understanding the way these can help them ease their job. The importance of communication is emphasized by DevOps, and now is the right time to adopt the culture of clarity. 

It is now the time for organizations to get past the changes, pulling ahead based on time-to-market with application services and solutions. DevOps and Cloud Computing together form a powerhouse, driving meaningful IT transformation and directly impacting business goals.

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Abhijeet Chinchole

Abhijeet Chinchole

Abhijeet Chinchole is Chief Technology Officer at Cloudlytics. Over the years, Abhijeet has helped numerous global businesses transition to the cloud by helping them with strategy and implementation. He is also an expert on cloud migration, cloud security, and building modern SaaS applications. When not working, he likes to drive and don the hat of a creative tinkerer.


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