Cloudlytics: The Viable Alternative For Your Cloud Security

Generally deployed for protecting workloads, cloud security solutions such as CSPM tools and cloud compliance tools, have been helping organizations reduce risks and enhance compliance posture. Multiple solutions are currently available in the market, such as

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Security Posture Management (SSPM):

A wide range of technologies and tools of security are offered in SSPM. This helps organizations in protecting both of their environments, on-premises and the cloud.

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB):

CASBs enable organizations achieve end-to-end monitoring and enforce security norms to amplify access protection. Unlike traditional security solutions, CASBs facilitate protecting data stored in foreign systems. This empowers organizations with consistency in infrastructure governance and security.

Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP):

These solutions suit well for both virtual machines (VMs) and cloud platforms. By leveraging cloud workload protection solutions, organizations are able to gain continuous monitoring and risk prevention capabilities.

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The solution stack might include capabilities of more than one of the aforementioned. These ensure comprehensive security in cloud deployments and data accessibility. Cloudlytics enables you with security measures for

  • Data recovery during incidents, disasters, or data loss
  • Network and storage protection against malicious activities
  • Eliminating human errors
  • Ebbing the impacts on system or data compromise

What Should Organizations Look for While Adopting Cloud Security?

Following are key areas that organizations and their information security custodians like you must understand while selecting the best cybersecurity software for their infrastructure.

Contracts and SLAs

The only advocates of services and their course of assistance are contracts and SLAs. Several top security companies do not underline that the customer owns their data. This creates a grey area around the legal perspective. Dive deeper into T&Cs, appendices, and fine print for identifying who is responsible for data ownership and the consequences of service termination at any time.

Strong Passwords

This may sound redundant or obvious but is imperative for unauthorized access prevention. Enforcing rules for periodic password updates along with multi-factor authentication can help you defend against potential cyberattacks.

Cloud Visibility

Blind spots are inevitable when organizations depend on more than one cloud service provider. Always emphasize implementation of a solution that offers complete ecosystem visibility. This in turn allows integration of security policies that mitigate a broad spectrum of threats.


Too many transitions of data between environments increases the risk of data theft or loss. Consider leveraging data encryption measures for data in transit as well as at rest for maintaining complete control.

Shared Responsibility

While CSPs never take complete ownership of cloud security, it is not your responsibility alone either. Shared responsibility with clear accountability is key. While implementing a cloud security solution clearly identifies the tasks that organizations must handle vis-à-vis their CSP. Ensuring clarity and transparency in relationship is imperative.

Cloudlytics - The Right Partner

A trusted partner becomes a robust base for an organizations’ cloud security posture. Choosing a partner, such as Cloudlytics, which does the following can’t be overstated:

  • Offer CSPM tools and cloud compliance tools
  • Deliver competent security protocols
  • Follow industry best practices
  • Are backed by certifications and compliance

What Differentiates Cloudlytics?

Prisma Cloud
Cloud One Conformity
CloudGurad Dome 9
ZScaler CSPM
Aqua Wave CSMP
Falcon Horizon CSPM
Sophos Cloud Optix
Orca Security Platform
Real Time Threat Monitoring
Real time event ingestion across multiple sources to generate actionable insights
Security and Compliance
Ensuring Compliance and governance in cloud with Industry Standards
Auto Remediations (Coming soon)
Increase operational efficiencies with automated actions for your cloud
Asset Inventory
Complete visibility of assets inventory across cloud platforms
Automated Well Architected Review
Automated review of your cloud environment to ensure that workloads are efficient, performing and secure at their peak operations.
Cost Optimization
Effectively manage your costs and still keep the performance and capacity you require.
Custom Compliance Report
Design your own compliance checks with a customized reports
Multi Cloud Support
Support to multiple CSPs


When it comes to pricing, that Cloudlytics is the best cybersecurity software for organizations is a no-brainer. Compared to some of the top cybersecurity companies, such as CloudGuard Dome 9, Cloudchecker, Cloud Conformity, and Prisma Cloud, Cloudlytics delivers the most cost-effective yet robust cloud security solution.

RealTime Monitoring

As the thread landscape grows more sophisticated, you must enhance your security with realtime monitoring tools. This ensures complete visibility across security events and incidents occurring in your cloud environment. Unlike Cloudchecker and CloudGuard Dome 9, Cloudlytics offers a robust security layer for bolstering network as well as storage security, including configuration changes, continuous monitoring, analysis, and alerts.

Security & Compliance

Managing controls of security and compliance with Cloudlytics is relatively easier than other cybersecurity software. This is because we offer a single dashboard for identifying threats and vulnerabilities, enhancing governance of configuration, and automating the compliance posture. Key features include

Continuous compliance checks

Widespread reach with 600+ checks across cloud platforms

Insights with remediation steps

Life cycle for known risks

Actionable reports in PDF and Excel format

Design your own compliances

Predefined compliance sets as per top regulators

Knowledge base with remediation steps

Asset Inventory

Top cybersecurity companies offer asset inventory management, but with Cloudlytics at the wheel, tracking your inventory of assets along with risks and possible optimisations is a piece of cake. We deliver

  • Continuous asset tracking
  • Predefined dashboards
  • Early identification of associated risks
  • Automated checks on best practices

Automated Well-Architected Review

Not all top cybersecurity firms deliver effective review of whether your architecture is rightfully established or not. Cloudlytics helps organizations with a well-architected review of their AWS cloud to ensure workload efficiency, performance, and security at their peak operations. It allows organizations to dive deeper into their AWS architecture and get an effective roadmap for improvements.

Custom Compliance Reports

Cloudlytics delivers realtime monitoring by running a scheduled scan on a daily, weekly, or customized time-span basis, with reports directly sent through emails. It is an all-inclusive compliance assurance and threat protection solution. You receive reports on your cloud’s compliance posture, which can be compared with previous reports for taking necessary, informed decisions.

Multi Cloud Support

We offer support to multi cloud environments, providing organizations with a more consolidated view of configurations. Also, you get greater privacy management for your data with the help of storage configuration monitoring for your multiple cloud environments.

Why Choose Cloudlytics?

You never know when and how cyber attackers will compromise your infrastructure for stealing confidential or crucial data. Organizations, irrespective of their size, must follow best practices for improving their cloud security and usage. Security solution experts at Cloudlytics take a deeper dive to ensure a secure environment for your infrastructure.

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