Getting Started with Event Analytics

Cloudlytics – a SaaS solution – offers thorough transparency without any need for additional agent/collector to drive data integration. Gain insights that drive action for your cloud security by performing log forensics. Whether you want to produce a systematic dashboard, realize real-time monitoring, or create customized application logs, Cloudlytics is the most simplified, clear, and feasible solution that you can ask for.

Cloudlytics enables real-time monitoring and precise analysis of event logs for hints of obstacles or errors. You just need to create a Stream with the type of log you want cloudlytics to process. The Event sources that Cloudlytics Supports are:

Event Source 

  • AWS: AWS ALB Logs, AWS CloudFront Downloaded logs, AWS CloudFront Streaming logs, AWS Cloudtrail logs, AWS ELB logs, AWS RDS Stats, AWS S3 logs, AWS VPC logs.
  • Application: Apache Access logs, Apache Error logs, IIS, NGINX Access logs, NGINX Error logs, Trend micro.
  • Databases: MySQL General logs, MySQL Slow Query logs, MySQL Error logs.
  • Network: Squid proxy access logs, Squid proxy Error logs, Tiny proxy logs.
  • System: System, SSH, Windows logs.

Search Bar

The search bar in Cloudlytics enables the swift search of the recent event logs as well as the logs for the past year.


Assess your security standpoint by envisioning the event log data with conditions and filters in a graphical format.


You can glean insights from multiple logs on a standalone, tailored dashboard and simultaneously carry out the monitoring process in real-time with the default dashboard.


Cloudlytics enables notifications on imperative log events, data theft, and intrusion from endpoints so that you can commence with the monitoring process promptly.

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