A Leading Life Insurance Provider Reduces 50% Efforts in Securing their AWS Serverless Stack using Cloudlytics

About The Client

The customer is a leading provider of long-term life insurance, headquartered in India. They offer individual as well as group insurance services along with the option of customizing plans through added benefits. The customer was aiming to shift away from its traditional way of driving sales that was formed on a broadcast-based incentive scheme.

The Challenge

The company’s operations are driven through various sales channels. It aims to change its traditional way of steering the sales force based on Broadcast based incentive scheme. The company wants to empower its Front-Line Sales (a.k.a. FLS) executives with a mobility-based solution to view their personalized tasks which can help them to meet their incentive aspirations and track their Incentive accruals. 

This entire system is designed with a serverless stack on AWS which includes AWS Lambda, API (Application Programming Interface) Gateway, Step functions. Stakeholders want to govern security and compliance as per regulatory guidelines on the serverless stack used to run the system.

The Solution

Understanding the challenge company needs a highly customizable yet easy to integrate solution which will give them a single pane of window to monitor and maintain security posture and compliance with the system.

Cloudlytics helped the customer by automating security governance and compliance checking their serverless stack of service on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud for data-driven predictive analysis of FLS. This is done by ingesting near real-time data generated from services and continuous configuration monitoring of AWS assets. 

Cloudlytics have created a tailored solution – Event Analytics Engine – To ingest all the events and logs generated in the AWS environment where system is deployed and built a custom KPI’s and presented those on dashboard as per the stakeholder’s requirement. Also set alerts on top of the critical events and integrated them with the current ITSM system so that monitoring team can act on the receipt of any alert.


  • Gap of security and compliance expertise bridged 
  • Visibility to Leadership helped to track and maintain compliance 

Services Used

  • Compliance In Cloud
  • Asset inventory
  • Event analytics

Value Additions

  • Automated checks helped to reduce manual efforts by more than 90% 
  • Compliance posture improved by over 30% 
  • One stop governance helped stakeholders to cut down efforts by more than 60%



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