Cloudlytics Strengthens Security for A Leading Nonprofit Charitable Trust’s AWS Cloud

About Customer

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, our customer, a nonprofit dedicated to eradicating curable blindness in India, took a bold stride by migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This strategic leap aimed to amplify agility, scalability, and innovation. However, as cloud security complexities loomed, the customer leveraged Cloudlytics’ cloud security solutions to mitigate them proactively.

Challenges and Concerns Facing the Customer

The customer’s AWS journey met with distinct challenges, namely,

  • Lack of Expertise: Navigating cloud security without in-house expertise hindered effective AWS security management.
  • Security Checkpoints: Tackling AWS security assessments and building a robust security baseline was a formidable task.
  • Establishing Regulatory Roadmap: Ensuring compliance with evolving regulations posed a continuous puzzle.

Securing the Customer’s AWS Journey: Cloudlytics’ Solution

Cloudlytics proposed a quarterly rhythm of comprehensive Cloud Security Posture Assessments. These evaluations meticulously unveiled security configurations, identified vulnerabilities, and charted actionable paths. A remediation roadmap capped each assessment, driven by Cloudlytics’ expert team.

To meet the customer’s requirements seamlessly, Cloudlytics championed the utilization of AWS Native Security Services.

  • AWS Inspector: Real-time threat identification via automated vulnerability assessment.
  • AWS Security Hub: Centralized security control hub for streamlined findings management.
  • AWS Guard Duty: Round-the-clock threat detection for a fortified line of defense.
  • AWS Macie: AI-powered data safeguarding for sensitive information.
  • AWS Config: Ensuring compliance via configuration monitoring.

Cloudlytics’ professional team orchestrated post-assessment remediations, aligning the customer’s environment with industry standards and regulations. Collaborative synergy with in-house IT experts was the crux.

Benefits Achieved by the Customer

  • Security Fortification: Regular assessments and guided remediations stand as a shield against evolving threats.
  • Regulatory Confidence: Compliance adherence translates to reassured stakeholders and diminished risk exposure.
  • Risk Amelioration: Swift vulnerability detection and resolution avert breaches and security incidents.
  • Proactive Guardianship: AWS Native Security Services fuel proactive threat counteraction.
  • Strategic Wisdom: Cloudlytics’ expert guidance enriches in-house security acumen, fostering resilience.

Value Additions

  • 60 hours of manual assessment saved.
  • 130 + Security threats mitigated.
  • 35% improvement in compliance posture .



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