Cloud security posture management (CSPM) has been helping organizations automatically evaluate their cloud security. The upward spiral of cloud computing has been prompting organizations to rethink approaches to improve their security posture. CSPM enables the automation of security across IaaS, Paas, and SaaS platforms while empowering organizations to remediate risks via assessments and compliance monitoring.

Security breaches are growing more sophisticated, primarily attributed to errors such as misconfigurations. While CSPs are responsible for infrastructure stack security, organizations must look after configurations and safeguard their data and applications. CSPM provides organizations with the capability to trace misconfigurations continuously and automatically, in turn enabling them to make essential changes in near real-time.

How CSPM Helps Organizations Protect Sensitive Information

It is necessary that organizations track and safeguard sensitive information against misconfigurations to prevent breaches. CSPM can be leveraged for establishing a transparent environment for relaying information, along with compliance to regulations such as CIS and HIPAA. This further helps them strengthen their cloud security and boost customer confidence in their business.

According to Gartner, the growth of cloud access security brokers (CASBs) was over 30% in 2020 and the status quo is expected to prevail and rise further in the upcoming years. As the differentiation within cloud vendors grows difficult, organizations must look for branching data protection and governance by leveraging CSPM and analysis of customer behavior. CASBs help organizations protect the in-house data flow while reinforcing their security policies.

Key Benefits of Cloud Security Posture Management

Some of the major benefits of cloud security posture management are as follows.

  • CSPM helps organizations in the detection of data footprints while tracking shadow IT concerns regarding new instances or storage buckets.
  • It helps in scanning the data storage buckets for improper settings and misconfigurations to prevent information breaches or cyberattacks.
  • Cloud security posture management ensures the enforcement and visibility of policies across CSPs.
  • It helps organizations in compliance auditing to ensure meeting all necessary industrial regulations and standards of security.
  • CSPM helps organizations verify proper functioning of their operations and workloads through risk assessments and troubleshooting against third-party frameworks.

CSPM – The Future of Cloud Security

Organizations of all sizes and types are resorting to cloud environments for greater flexibility and agility of their operations. This has led security to become an important area of emphasis, wherein partnering with the right security partner, such as Cloudlytics, for posture management is the key. This will help them continuously monitor their infrastructure cloud stack for risks and maintain a robust compliance posture with throughput security.

Through right configurations and automation, the cloud security problems are easier to resolve. Cloud security posture management facilitates organizations to identify obsolete or unused resources, verify the system’s integrity, This enables them to save costs and pinpoint imperative opportunities for disruption.

To Sum Up

The right CSPM solution will help organizations automate their security assessment processes while enabling early risk identification and mitigation across environments. Combining newer approaches and technologies along with the right tools will help organizations manage risks effectively. This will also benefit them in developing a resilient security posture of their cloud environment.


Varoon Rajani

Varoon Rajani

Varoon Rajani is the co-founder & CEO at Blazeclan and Cloudlytics. Varoon spotted the cloud opportunity early on and since then, built a born-in-the-cloud, global organization that delivers full-stack cloud solutions. He is excited by the dynamism offered by cloud technologies, is obsessed with customer success, and is deeply passionate about innovation.


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