Maintain Compliance with your AWS Account

Stay secured with round the clock Cloudlytics Compliance Scanning of your Cloud Environment.

  • Identify & Manage Risks – Perform exploratory scanning for your entire cloud infrastructure with adherence to highest standards and exploit vulnerabilities.
  • Compliance Management – Collect, record and analyze data as per mandatory compliance. Find and detect loopholes which may not adhere to certain security standards. Cloudlytics adheres to 10+ Compliance while scanning cloud infrastructure including CIS, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 etc.
  • Customizable Dashboards – Cloudlytics provides fully customizable dashboards of your cloud infrastructure. Generate actionable insights for your data which can be viewed through multiple dashboards type of a setup.
  • Daily and Custom Scans – Perform periodic compliance scans to increase invulnerability and stay ahead in competition. Moreover, you can customize the daily email risk summary report which can be delivered to multiple stakeholders at a specific time.
  • Extract Highly Detailed Reports – Cloudlytics enables enterprises to extract highly detailed reports of cloud infrastructure and risks. Users can view and download reports for risks including – user attributing, affected resources if any, teams, affected processes, and much more.
  • Get Direct Remediation for Quick Fixes – Cloudlytics highlights the remedial action that needs to be taken in order to adhere as per the compliance. Cloudlytics provides a step-by-step guide for getting the infrastructure back to a safe and a secured state.
  • 100% Accuracy in Reports – Extract reports which are 100% accurate and genuine. Know the true health of your infrastructure in a systematic way.

Safeguard Your compliance in the cloud today. Book a free demo here!

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Abhijeet Chinchole

Abhijeet Chinchole

Abhijeet Chinchole is Chief Technology Officer at Cloudlytics. Over the years, Abhijeet has helped numerous global businesses transition to the cloud by helping them with strategy and implementation. He is also an expert on cloud migration, cloud security, and building modern SaaS applications. When not working, he likes to drive and don the hat of a creative tinkerer.


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