Agile Innovation with Security is Critical to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is all about the pace at which it evolves. Cloud computing, being a key driver of digital transformation, has speedily become a part of business strategies. Although more than a decade has passed since the cloud has been increasingly being deployed as a preferred computing platform, organizations still struggle to maintain a balance between innovation and security.

Organizations continue to outsource their IT workloads to CSPs while looking to leverage IoT systems. Speedy transformation drives innovation agility. However, this results in numerous vulnerable attack vectors that are sought out by threat actors, which eventually leads to exploitation. How to balance fast innovation with continued security? This is one of the most pressing challenges being faced by organizations and CSPs alike.

Agile Innovation – Benefits and Backdrops

At present, organizations depend on applications developed rapidly through a mix and match of modular code snippets, known in the IT world as microservices. These are usually put into a software container, which can be spun up by many on virtual cloud servers in a moment’s notice. Also, they can be taken down as quickly as they were deployed through APIs, which bind everything together. API deployments have witnessed an exponential expansion, which, on the other hand, has also caused challenges to visibility.

Organizations, in the race of digital transformation, have been losing sight of every API they use to bind their digital services together. The flip side of the coin is that these wide-open APIs are a potent territory for cyberattacks. With constant changes in the applications, the containers with the servers act as a huge net of complexities. To get clear visibility into the containers has become critically imperative for organizations, as these are the greatest source for communication inside the servers.

Only by having new, powerful security solutions in place can shield these containers and APIs against cyberattacks. However, such security solutions are still in their first stages of development. New detection technologies are emerging, which are capable of detecting & responding to cyberattacks across hybrid cloud platforms with sheer accuracy.

Not Taking Risks is A Huge Risk Too

A wealth of new services and business models can be potentially unlocked by advances in digital technology. Digital transformation builds on trust, which further concludes on cybersecurity’s essentiality. As stringent regulations are increasingly enforced, ensuring a secure digital transformation becomes more of a legal task.

While perceived security risks exist in the digital transformation journey, it is still better for organizations than taking no risk at all and remaining behind the competition curve. The tremendous opportunity lies for organizations who focus on maturing their cybersecurity posture as part of their transformation process. Strategic thinking circling security is a must-have for organizations, to reap risk-free rewards. While a digital transformation strategy must boost efficiency and drive revenue, it must also increase trust and be secure. 
In this ever more connected world and increasingly growing sophisticated technologies, the landscape of cyberthreat only grows to be more complex everyday. However, organizations do not need to face all of this alone. CSPs are coming forward with win-win solutions to security technologies in this thriving outsourcing marketplace.

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